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Nexusguard Academy

Certified Cybersecurity courses that help the industry address the talent gap

With attackers employing more complex obfuscation techniques, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated than ever. Most organization’s people, process and technology cannot keep up with evolving cyber threats, odds are that your organization is exposed to a much higher risk, especially if it is short of talent who has the right set of strategies, experience and skills to mitigate the risk.

Nexusguard Academy was established to offer cybersecurity courses that help the industry address the talent gap. Our courses are a combination of online and onsite lecture, workshops, learning assessments, virtual laboratories, gamified challenges and cyber drills leveraging our Nexusguard Learning Management platform.


What NXG Academy is

  • Designed by our practitioners who have years of experience.

  • The courseware was simplified with the help of educators but you still get complete real world experience.

  • Create applied knowledge transfer from our practitioners to yours.



  • More than 1000+ video tutorial in our library.

  • Integrated gamified challenges, interactive videos and animation.

  • Online chat, video conferencing and classroom based lessons.



  • Bring immediate ROI to your organization by applying what you learn back to work.

  • Hundreds of hours of hands on laboratories and table top exercises to challenge your current norm. 

  • Learn to create compliance reports, build chain of custody processes and incident response frameworks.


Boost your IT career with professional cybersecurity qualifications

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